Spiritual Warrior Coaching

​   Training and Healing your Inner Warrior

What You Can Expect:

  • ​    An initial 30 minute assessment - completely free and without obligation - for you and I to connect and exchange information about Spiritual Warrior Coaching.

  •     A support system developed by you and me using spiritually-based coaching tools and skills to reclaim balance and perspective.

  •     Coaching you to recognize and apply your core values to your life, work, and relationships in a resourceful, playful, and grounded way.

  •     Coaching you to notice and effectively negotiate the pitfalls and potential 'saboteurs' that occasionally intrude in your life.

  •     Training you to develop and use skills to effectively notice, acknowledge, challenge, and call forth your 'inner spiritual warrior'.

  •     Holding you responsible and creatively accountable for fulfilling your biggest dreams and goals.

  •     Applying Pranic and/or Reiki healing modalities as needed to complement and complete the healing of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies.



About Spiritual Warrior Coaching

Cassandra Spears, CPCC, ACC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Reiki Master